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Get the lowest quotes from our network of the best hand picked providers. Telemarketing, inbound call centers and sales lead qualifying professionals based in the US and Canada.

Customer service and support

Project a professional image with the best customer service call teams.

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Tech Support Call Center

Custom technical support call centers for any volume of inbound calls.

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Answering services

Professional call answering from US based providers. Up to 24 hours a day.

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Qualify sales leads

Generate more sales with professionals qualifying all your leads fast and efficiently.

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Take sales orders

Never miss or lose an inbound sales call again. 24 hour sales support for every sale.

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Outbound Telemarketing

A team for 100 or 1,000,000 outbound sales calls. Increase sales with quality team.

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Clients who recently received the 5 lowest price quotes for telemarketing services for their business.

  • "Our business is seasonal and we needed a team that already had the skills to hit the ground running. We generate over 400 inbound customer service calls a day. We found our team in less that 8 hours and they were working the next week."

    Kyle Jennings
    Owner - Prowords Inc
  • "I just want to say thank you to the 1Click team for matching us with an outbound sales team that actually closed sales. I was skeptical of telemarketing and glad to work with experienced people. It came in under budget and over goal."

    Dennis Tran
    Sales Manager - Salesboard LLC
  • "The first search we did we landed on 1 Click Calls and got the best offers from 6 different national providers. Basically it was like Expedia for the exact thing we needed, a ready to go call center to expand our business for a new client."

    Luis Ramirez
    Owner - Landmark Property Management
  • "We had worked with 4 different overseas call center providers. We thought we were saving money until we compared the lowest offers from 5 different US based providers on your site. We now pay almost 20% less for better services."

    Karen Beghy
    Owner - Pure Style Inc.
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